Do You Want Unconditional Love?

Do you love others unconditionally?

Do others love you unconditionally?

If you’re like a most people, the answer most likely, quite often, is a “no”.

Let’s face it. We live in a world where the value of our “being” is determined by how we look, what we achieve, or how we live our lives.

Are we skinny enough?

Are we rich enough?

Have we accomplished enough?

People judge us, and we judge people. People become our friends, and our friends drift apart. We seek approval from our family, and our family seeks the same in return.

And all for what? To be loved. To be accepted.

When do we ever come across love that’s unconditional?

That’s a hard concept to swallow for most people.

Love that has no strings attached.

No matter what kind of a messup you are, no matter how many times you fail, no matter what you do, or how badly you mess things up, unconditional love is there.

If you have a dog, you know what I’m talking about.

As I’m typing up this post at 1:06 AM PST, my dog is waiting patiently for me to come to him in bed.

Dogs don’t judge. Dogs don’t get disappointed. Dogs don’t care how you look. Dogs don’t care how rich you are. Dogs don’t care if you’re successful or an utter failure.

Dogs don’t care about any of that.

All dogs want, is to be with their masters. And that’s ALL that matters to them.

Not some fancy car. Not some big fancy titles. Not some “accomplishments” in life.

Dogs wait patiently by the door for you to come back home, so they can lick your face and be with you. That’s all they really want: to love you and to be loved.

Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s YOU they want.

Want to experience unconditional love?

Adopt a dog.

Your dog will change your life, I guarantee.

PS: Here’s a clip of a video of a dog who waits by his deceased master. WARNING: This video is VERY VERY VERY graphic. If you’re faint of heart, please do NOT watch it.