Dog Thrown from Car Saved

When you thought people couldn’t get any stupid-er doing stupid stuff to our beloved four-legged animals (like robbers stabbing a dog in the head), it just gets “better”.

13-pound terrier mix was thrown OUT the window of a moving car in Colorado.

Yeap, a MOVING car.

Whoever did it not only had the nerve to ditch his/her dog in the middle of a busy highway, but also THROW this live, 13 pound animal WHILE the car is in motion OUT of the window.

Luckily the whole thing was seen by a couple that was driving behind the idiot.

The couple managed to stop the traffic, get out of the car, and rescue the dog by taking the dog to the nearby Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS), where the mystery dog was named, well, “Mystery”.

The dog, only about 13 pounds, white with unusual black facial markings, a short tail and long thin face—possibly a terrier mix– could not stand or walk and appeared to be quickly going into shock.

She was immediately transported by shelter staff to a nearby vet for an evaluation.

After an exam and several x-rays it was determined that she had several fractures in her pelvis and a severe older break in her left rear leg.

She was also estimated to be about 11 years old, and, except for the considerable injuries, in excellent health.

There is some question as to whether the injuries occurred when the dog, which the shelter has named Mystery, was pitched out onto the busy highway, or whether she was previously injured and then dumped.

Whatever the situation, she is good-natured, the vet says, and is welcoming the attention at the clinic while TCRAS, a small, nonprofit shelter with limited funds to cover severe injuries and the extensive after-care necessary, attempts to raise funds for her.

TCRAS has been working today to raise the several hundred dollars necessary, and once little Mystery recovers in a foster home, she’ll be available for adoption.

If you’d like to help with a donation, you can visit TCRAS’s website:

Editorial Note

Apparently, dogs being thrown out of car is a very common occurrence. Here’s two video clips of dogs that were victims of this horrible crime but survived to “tell the story”: