Latest Pet Craze: Dyeing Pets to Make Them Look Like Wild Animals

So US isn’t the ONLY country where people do crazy extreme makeover contests for their pets.

Yeap, China is following suit.

Looking from far, this animal looks like a tiger.. but then again, it starts BARKING:

Yeap. A dog painted to look like a tiger.

As China gets richer and richer, their spending pattern resembles that of US, including money spent on their pets.

In fact, money spent on pets in China grew at staggering 500% between 1999 and 2008.

Where the money go?

A big chunk of it went to taking away their pet’s dignity colorfully decorating their pets to look like their national treasure, the panda:

And of course, this pet dyeing isn’t a cultural phenomenon.

People all around the world do similar:

What we can’t figure out is what animal this painted dog is supposed to be:

What do you think? Is this “for fun” and acceptable… or just plain crazy?

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