More Dogs than Kids: Dog Lovers Influence Politics in San Francisco


Did you know there are MORE dogs than kids in the city of San Francisco?

In fact, dog lovers, as a group, is so large that they’re forming a PAC (Political Action Committee) to endorse candidates in various political races.

Here are the facts

1. SF is 7 miles by 7 miles (approximate 50 sq. miles) in size

2. About 800,000 people live in SF

3. There is approximately 108,000 children and approximately 150,000 dogs in SF.

So why the shifting trend?

1. New parents are moving out of SF to seek lower cost but larger housing
2. Aging boomers, straight and gay couples are choosing to have a dog instead

In fact, the “dog effect” is so strong in SF that politicians frequently debate issues related to pets, animal services, shelters, etc.

Candidate Joanna Rees — a venture capitalist with two dogs:

Dogs are an important part of many families and neighborhoods across our community,

Open lines of communication between City Hall and pet owners — as with merchants, educators, parents, working families and other stakeholder groups — are the foundation of good policy.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera:

Making San Francisco a family friendly city means recognizing the multitude of ways in which we define families,

And in the city of St. Francis, that includes dogs and companion animals.

Is your city not so dog friendly?

Time to move to SF!


Editorial Note:

Seriously, I’m a dog lover, but the fact that there are more dogs than kids is unnerving to me.

Are dogs replacing kids?

Does this bother you?

What do you think?

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