Pit Bulls as Therapy Dogs

Pitbulls in the media gets such a bad rap.

Of course, it’s not the dog’s fault.

Some people abuse their energy & physical prowess to do stupid things like dog fighting.

So, what do most people think of pit bulls?

If they’ve never personally owned or dealt with one, I’m sure the stereotypes pop up in their head.

What are they?




Unfortunately, dogs, just like anything a human mind can label & categorize, face stereotypes.

But stereotypes are just that: stereotypes.

Not founded on real truth or fact, just what people hear from others and see on media.

How about we create new stereotypes?

Pit bulls are actually…

Too cute

Too obedient

.. but mostly.. too loving

Let’s add another MAJOR stereotype that’ll scare the pants of people: pit bulls can be used as therapy dogs for children, especially with learning.

PS: Do you know anyone who’s had bad experience with a pit bull or is scared of one? Make sure to forward this article to them.