Silent Heroes Remembered: 9-11 WTC Search & Rescue Dogs


I am I because my little dog knows me.

– Gertrude Stein

It has been 10 FULL years since the unforgettable day in American History.

9-11 World Trade Center terrorist attack that forever changed all of our lives.

There are plenty of news, videos, and stories you can read about this fateful day…. what happened, why it happened, who was involved, the conspiracy theories, who’s responsible.. blah blah.

Instead of joining the mindless chatter, I’d like remember the unsung forgotten heroes that, without their help, would’ve made the search & rescue operation 10 times harder.

Who are these silent heroes?

Search and rescue dogs of 9-11.

Sure, you can argue that dogs are “silent” because dogs don’t talk.

No, that’s NOT why they are silent.

They are silent because they know what’s more important at hand.

They are silent because they know their duty to their masters supersedes their need, even if they have to risk their lives in war.

They are silent because they know that without their help, the survivors might not have hope.

Today, PawshPal and friends raise our flags to our beloved dog friends who served by the men and the women who served tirelessly and never gave up to give hope to those who were in need.

Not a flag of a country.. but a flag of the human nation, that we are all equal and that we are all connected to each other despite our skin color, gender, creed, or political beliefs.

And that we are all equally loved by our four legged friend.

We honor you all. And you will never be forgotten.