Starving Dog Found in Garbage Compactor

Have you ever come across something so sad, so tragic, that you want to tell others but it made you not?

Because you didn’t want to think about it and thinking about it just made you more sad?


Well, this story is one of those.

This story was so disheartening that we at first decided not to publish it.

But the severity of the cruelty was so intense, we had to let people know.

Meet Patrick, a one year old pit bull terrier.

Patrick’s so-called “owner” decided to starve him.

Not just one or two days… but enough to make him look like this:

Patrick starved to a point where he can BARELY move.

Then one day, the owner decided to throw him down the garbage chute of a 22 story building.

Patrick was minutes away from crushed to death by the trash compactor.

Patrick gathered whatever energy he had left to get attention of the building maintenance worker, who happened to notice him.

Patrick was rushed to the hospital, where he received proper medical treatments, including transfusion:

Chief Bruce Sanchez of Associated Humane Societies said

Patrick cried and moaned the entire ride in the ambulance when he was rescued. He had hypothermia and his body was so cold, it wouldn’t register on the thermometer.

But Patrick was lucky because the trash bag he was in broke his fall in the garbage chute. The bag filled with air and cushioned the fall. It saved his life.

So how did Patrick survive?

An x-ray showed some sort of foreign body. It could be a sock or part of a blanket. It’s not uncommon to find something like this in dogs that are starved. Patrick was so hungry he might have eaten anything to fill his stomach.

AHS (Associated Humane Societies) has set up a fund for reward leading to the arrest and conviction of individual(s) responsible for this horrendouse crime.

If you’d like donate, you can call (973) 824-7080 or mail them a check (address is here).

And if you’d like to sign the petition to bring the attention to local law enforcement and politicians, you can check out Care2Petition site.

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PawshPal’s Commentary

How could anyone’s brain go SO WRONG that they would starve an innocent dog?

We, at PawshPal, are lovers. We love animals. We love dogs.

So when we see atrocities like this… people throwing puppies into water, setting dogs on fire, training dogs to fight for profit,.. or even hoarding animals… it makes us wonder..


Us or the dog?

Dogs love us unconditionally.

Why don’t these dumb asses get it? Why do they spit in the face of true, divine love?

As much as we’d like to catch these morons and beat the living sh*t out of them, we know that no justice or peace can come from violence.

No hatred will bring love.

No anger will bring hope.

You cannot add light to darkness with more darkness. Instead, we will be “enlightened”.

Instead of adding fuel to the flame that these idiots have started, we at PawshPal will instead do whatever we can to help further justice, but still hope and believe in the best of humanity.

There are good people that do GREAT things to and for dogs, like these people.

We hope that the people responsible for this get caught, and PROPER (severe but not inhumane) justice be served on them.

PawshPal will donate sales proceeds to Patrick’s charity fund. Click HERE for more information.