10 Dumbest Dog Breeds


Got a dog?

Well, I’m assuming you think your dog is the smartest. But turns out, not all dogs are all that smart.

So What Makes a Dog Breed Dumb?

  • Difficulty in Training: The No. 1 guideline people use to determine if a dog is wanting in the brains department.
  • Bad Memory: If your dog forgets your neighbor every time he comes over, he’s not just a bad host, he’s a dumb dog.
  • Sense of Direction: If your dog can’t figure out how to get around obstacles, such as the furniture that’s been there for five years, it’s a sign that he’s a bit dim.
  • Inability to Distinguish What’s Real: If your dog can’t distinguish between chasing a squirrel and chasing shadows on the wall — not too bright.
  • Ability to Zone Out: The longer your dog just sits and stares at a wall (and especially if he seems happy about it), the more likely it is that your dog is incapable of doing an agility course.
  • Inadaptability to New Situations: A dumb dog usually has more trouble adapting to a new environment than one with a modicum of brains.
  • Confusion About Who’s In Charge: If a dog is lacking in intelligence, he’s more likely to assume he is alpha, and it takes much persuasion to change this.

So is your dog breed dumb?

Here’s the top 10.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel photo

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Those big, slightly buggy eyes may look deep, but there’s nothing at the bottom of the well. These are very sweet companion dogs whose history of being inbred, as much as the royalty who kept them, helped create this deficit of brains. They are super cheery and affectionate, and we love them regardless.

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