Launch of PawshPal

img_3675We just launched our pet site called We’ve been working hard grueling hours to get it up and running. Who would’ve thunk that starting a business would be so tough, especially when you’re starting one with your significant other. Can you imagine all the hair pulling and desires to strangle each other? With such a small team we basically have to split up numerous responsibilities and tasks…so much we don’t even have a definite title. Monkeys seem to be the closest.

In any case, how did we come up with our idea? Well, since we love our dogs so much, we decided to be creative and make them cute pet tags that resembled driver’s licenses. Poof! That’s how it all began. A simple idea that we hope other pet lovers will enjoy giving to their dogs or cats or humans…ahem….

I have to get back to work while my pooches are using my leg as a pillow. Sometimes I wonder who’s really the boss….anyone else relate to this?

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