6 Most Loyal Dogs in History

“Dog is God spelled backwards”

If you’ve ever wondered why you think your dog is your only true best friend, don’t worry. You don’t have any people relationship issues. You’ve just been touched by the love of a dog.

Some dogs wait for you… by the door, by your bed, and sometimes, even by your grave.

Here are 7 of the world’s most heroic dogs and how their story came to be.


Hachiko’s story dates back to 1920s Toyko, where every morning he accompanied his owner, Ueno, to the train station to see him off to work. Afterward, without fail, the dog would then sit patiently until the end of the day to greet him upon his return.
This routine continued until 1925 when, sadly, Ueno died unexpectedly at his office — leaving Hachiko waiting, watching the trains for a reunion that would never come. Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months, with no sign of his owner, but still Hachiko refused to leave the spot without him.

For the next 10 years, the loyal dog held vigil at the station, earning the sympathy of passersby until his own death in 1935.

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