A Dog Once Bit My Butt

dog-chaseYep, as TaeWoo was fearful of the ferocious dog he encountered as a 10-year old, I was literally chased and bit on the butt by a dog.

This all happened during the summer of 2004. I had taken on a summer internship selling educational books door-to-door in Pennsylvania. Believe me. Even the decision to drive my car all the way over there was a tough one, but I did anyway. On our first day arriving, my group split up – knocking door-to-door asking families to take us in. Can you imagine a little asian girl knocking on random people’s homes in a foreign town? Most people didn’t open the door for me, but a few did. And with those few, I was obviously turned away.

I kept doing this for half the morning until I got to this one house – their main door was open, but the screen door was closed. Although I noticed that the bottom screen was hanging loose, I took the courage to come towards the door anyway. As I stepped closer, I could sense something coming and before I knew it, a ferocious dog leaped out and started chasing me! I was seriously running for my life. I ran and ran until he finally snipped me on the butt.

Yeah, I feel a bit traumatized from the event, but that didn’t stop me from loving dogs. He chased me for the same reasons a cop dog would’ve chased me if told to. Anyway, the neighbors called the cops on me, but there’s no real story there.

For those concerned, I obviously made it back to California safely with no battle wounds – just some memorable stories 🙂

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