Almost 600 Dogs Saved from Slaughter in China

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It was a normal day on a Chinese suburban freeway.

Then a truck full of dogs zoom on by.

What’s in it? Dogs. Lots of them:

A man spots the truck and takes action to save the dogs from their sure destruction.


He uses Twitter to send out a message, asking anyone who can read this to STOP the truck.

In fact, more than 200 HUNDRED people responded to his tweet and ended up blocking the truck with their own cars.

After blocking the truck for more than 15 hours, the truck company decide to release the dogs for $17,000 USD, most of which was donated by a pet products company and a pet charity organization.

Many of the animals were injured, dehydrated, and in pain from a virus with at least 68 hospitalized.

That man on Twitter is a HERO!

This goes to show that China is no longer this dog consuming, no regards for animal welfare society.. China is on an upward trends towards animal compassion:

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  • ElisaBeth

    This gives me so much hope for future animal welfare in countries like China; Things are changing and its about time.

  • Tracye

    This is only ONE TRUCK ………………WHAT HAPPENS TO THE OTHER TRUCKS MORNING NOON AND NIGHT ????? Who is saving them ? Absolutely horrifying absolutely horrifying !!!!

  • sondra

    I Love this story! Thank goodness for a technology like Twitter! And for all the animal lovers out there that took a stand to save these dogs. B )

  • Diane Hajek Mason

    This man IS a HERO!! Brought me to tears>>one dog looked like my LIBBY.

  • Emily

    it is people in china like this that help the animals or try to that i like

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