Animal Abuse at Its Worst: Burning a Dog For Fun

I am the last person to engage in negative stories, but I feel strongly about animal rights.

This story made me so sad and at the same time, so angry that I felt I had no choice but to share.

There is a $1000 reward to for information leading to arrest of person(s) responsible for setting a pitbull mix named Lady on fire intentionally during Halloween weekend in Detroit (news):


“Initially it does look like just the fur is burned, but after a few days, the skin starts to (fall) off and that’s when you see how bad the injuries really are,” Ramos said. “As it got worse, they decided to call us.”

“We spoke to someone who heard the dog screaming,” Ramos said. “He looked out the window, saw the dog on fire and by the time the gentleman was able to get outside, the dog had rolled around and put the fire out itself.”

“We’re all horrified when these cases come in,” Fidell said. “It just blows your mind that people can even do something so cruel to a helpless animal.”

Here are the pictures of Lady:

You really have to wonder what kind of sick people are capable. Not only were they screwed in the head to be able to do this, but they were also cowards who couldn’t take the responsibility or the shame of torturing little helpless animals and abandoned this poor dog in its greatest need by throwing Lady away.

We recently wrote about how Al Qaeda had been planting bombs inside dogs to do their terrorist work, and we got a lot of rather comments that show anger towards those who are responsible for such cruelty. Let this remind all of us that animal cruelty is not something that just happens in other parts of the world, but also right here in our backyards. The only way to combat animal cruelty is with love and compassion.

Anyone with information about Lady’s burning case is asked to call the MHS Cruelty Investigation Hotline at (313) 872-3401. Please, if you see or hear something, please speak up.

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  • Alice

    This is the kind of stupidity that happens on Halloween night. If they would do this to a small animal what did they do to some of the kids out that night? How is Lady doing now?

  • christina

    those asspeople should be set on fire and laughed at

  • Gayle

    I am so disgusted by mankind when I hear of stories like this. It is bad enough that we torture and kill one another, but when we pick on the helpless, unvoiced we have to sit up and take notice and do something about it. It is bullying of the worst kind.

  • Teddy

    When they find the people respnonsible for this. They need to do it to them!! Twice!

  • danielle

    that is sssooo wrong and i do not understand people being sssooo mean to a helples dog who has done nothing wrong

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