Animal Hospital Euthanizes Lost Dog Without Owner’s Permission

This story is so insanely infuriating, especially since I’ve recently lost and found my dog.

Meet Basie, a 17 year old border collie/corgie.

One day when Basie was let out to play in the backyard, Basie disappeared.

Fearing that this old dog is lost, Basie’s owners have posted flyers in search of their beloved dog.

But of course, a 17 year old dog cannot move fast.. so they figured that someone must’ve picked up Basie and carried her away.

And they were right.

But what’s worse… within THREE HOURS, Basie was euthanized.

Why? Because Basie had no identification (collar tag or microchip) and appeared “sick”.

Take a look at this video:

According to a Virginia legal code , it’s legal for a veterinarian to euthanize what appears to be a sick or injured dog without the owner’s explicit permission, IF the owner can’t immediately be located.

This infuriates me because when my dog was lost, he ALSO did not have an ID tag on him.

On top of that, it took me 2 DAYS to find him.

Here’s a response that the animal hospital wrote on their website:

This female dog was approximately 17 years of age with no tag, no collar, no microchip and no means of readily identifying her.

Every effort was made to contact local animal shelters, where no reports had been filed.



Give me a break.

What do you think? Am I overreacting or is their action justified?

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