Animal Lovers Rejoice! Chinese City’s Plan to Wipe Out Dogs Cancelled

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China is a land of opposing duality.

China is a rapidly developing country where wealth is pouring all over everywhere, yet tens of millions of people live in poverty.

China is also a country known for ironic attitude towards pets.

One one hand, the Chinese love their pets so much that they’re willing to invest hundreds of dollars giving their dogs weird makeup, yet you hear about stories of mass pet slaughter as well.

China, much like the rest of the developed countries, now face a growing pet population problem.

One pet per household policy apparently, isn’t enough.

The city of Jiangmen in southern China recently imposed a dog ban.

Authorities in Jiangmen city, South China’s Guangdong province had ordered all dogs in the Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui districts of the city to be removed or destroyed from August 26.


Growing dog attacks on people and rabies.

In fact, over 12,000 cases of people being attacked were reported in 2010 alone.. and 42 people died in the recent years from rabies.

This dog ban meant over 30,000 dogs were to be rounded up and sent to a rural area, where, the government prayed & hoped, that rural families would adopt them.

And if the dog wasn’t adoptable due to bad health or behavioral issues?

No problem.

The government was going to just put them down.

“Our aim is not to kill all the dogs in the city’s urban areas, but we hope to create a better environment for the city by banning the keeping of dogs,” said a police officer, who did not want to be named, on Tuesday.

“And we hope dog owners and residents can understand and cooperate with law enforcement personnel,” he added.

But luckily, the international media and the internet has once again, come to the dogs’ rescue.

So STRONG was the cry that the government had cancelled its plans.

But the announcement sparked a wave of fierce protest forcing the five bureaus of the city to roll over their decision.

Citizens will be able to keep their pets but are forbidden from taking them to some public areas including parks, city squares, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls and hotels etc.

The amendment also regulates more humane ways to deal with the dogs in the prohibited areas by persuading their owners to remove the animals.

Yes, a day to celebrate for all dog lovers across the world.

How can these harsh government people not understand the unconditional love these dogs give us?

It’s still very mind boggling to me.

Note from PawshPal:

Pet overpopulation problem, whether it’d be China or US or anywhere on this earth, is STILL a problem.

There are government all over that are trying to spread awareness and trying to curb “backyard breeding”.

So if you want to help, please do NOT breed your pet … OR get one from a breeder.

Go to your local pet shelter and ADOPT.

Here are two videos that should show you the severity of this problem.

In keeping the theme of “yin-yang”, these two videos are in paradox.

This one is light & funny.

This one is not.

But the truth remains.

Please help spread pet overpopulation problem by sharing this article with your family & friends.

Source: China Daily

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  • RSD lawyers NYC

    This is so so sad, poor puppies:( How can people put down any of these dogs?

  • Sarah

    I’m balling. I need to know if this poor woman seriously had her beloved companion ripped from her arms and killed??! How does one ever recover from that…

  • shawna

    i am so so so so so so so so so so sad that they put down poor puppys it makes me sad

  • Laura Hudson

    Can these people not educate themselves about spaying and neutering!!! Are there no pet lovers in the government?? Do they not care about pets period???

  • ginger

    this makes me sick don’t they know enough to get pets rabies shots or fixed so they can’t breed i realize its a poor country but surely there are some people who are educated enough to help fix this mess, wake up CHINA

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