Are You a Crazy Dog Owner?

No, I don’t mean if you are an owner of a dog that’s crazy.

Let’s face it.  Some of us with our furry canine pals are crazy.

I don’t mean crazy like Murdock from A-Team crazy. I mean crazy like “I go crazy for Cocoa puffs” type crazy. (No we didn’t get paid to say that from the cereal company).

So what do I mean? Yes – overspending on our dogs.

Did you know the American households spent $47.7 billion dollars* collectively on their pets? That’s insane. That number is higher than the year 2009 GDP of more than 109 countries.

The amount of time, money, and human ingenuity of companies that sell products to you, the zealous dog owner who will go at great lengths to make his/her dog look good, healthy, and entertained, is quite spectacular. Who would’ve thought of diet drugs for overweight dogs would sell well?

I am not saying I am innocent when it comes to spoiling my dogs. I am actually quite guilty of many crimes, including letting my dogs sleeping on my bed even though all the dog “gurus” tell otherwise. But it’s ok, because I finally trained my dogs to fetch me a beer.

But today is Halloween, and the wrath of human insanity has gone full steam. I’m not talking about the usual hot dog costume like this one..

or this one

or even this one

No, many of us have seen all those. But, take a look at what the human creativity has come up with:

halloween costume for dog


halloween costume for dog


halloween costume for dog


halloween costume for dog


halloween costume for dog


halloween costume for dog


Ok, i lie. I like it. I LOVE IT. Like you, I can’t get enough of it. I DO GO CRAZY FOR COCOA PUFFS.

Heck, we’re in recession and gosh darn it, us crazy pet owners are quite the spending heroes that keep the economy chugging along.

Well, anyway, Happy Halloween everyone. Keep warm and keep safe.

* Fact from American Pet Products Association Industry Statics & Trends.

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