Baby vs. Dog – Baby Blames the Dog

Here are what the PawshPal fans submitted (posting only those with at least 1 vote)

Votes Submitted By What they Said
5 Robin Mcatee KID: he pooed!!!
DOG: NO THE KID POOED , why they always blame me and why is it such a big deal anyway?we all do it !
4 Teresa Sweeteebaby Baby:Mommy go get another book so BoBo can read a story to me.Dog:Look at this face,do I look like I can read?
4 Patti Bowden Baby:HE DID IT!!!
3 Kimberly Torma Little boy: See, over there. Mommy said those cookies are for us. Dog-child: Are you sure . . . It’s not that I don’t trust you but you’ve done that to me before and I don’t want to get locked outside on Christmas again.
3 Brandi Hendrix Baby: I didn’t fart. The dog did it! Dog: Yeah, blame the dog!
2 Terry-Alain Saindon Baby….That`s my dog….We rescued him….from the mean people…
Dog….I love my new home…..Can not wait to run and play with him
2 Nancy Webb he did it ——- no he did
2 Sydney Moulton baby:OMG!!! a puppy dog! Dog:oh crap not again
2 Eliza Mundt Baby: “He did it!!!!!!!!!!!!” (sticking his tung out at the dog) Dog: “No realy Mom honist it wasn’t me” (secretly hoping that she doesn’t find out)
2 Jean Eskridge Groning Dog: “Better check HIS diaper, I think he left you a present.” Baby: It’s not my diaper.. he farted!”
1 Jennifer Price Kid: why r u looking at me the dog did it. Dog: why do I always get the blame
1 Jennifer Leach Baby: Look over there !!! Dog: Where??? Where???!!!
1 Dorine Martinez Dog: At this time,I can honestly say I didn’t do it !/ Baby: he’s right, I did it !!
1 Cassie Ledbetter Boy: “He made the stinky!”—— Dog:” I’m getting tired of covering for ya kid…”
1 Tammy Boatman Dog: I smell poop. Kid: He did it.
1 Prince Verma Dog 2 boy-hey boy som budy clicking our pic so b still,eyes open,ears wide n focus..
Boy-“hey dog, u do all this nonsense i m naturally kool”….
1 Littlebit Owens dog “master seriously another pic.. look the kid aint interested either”…an kid is like “da didi dee”.pointing endsly.
1 Hope Logan Adult in the back ground: WTF!? WHO DID THIS!?
Baby: He did it!
Dog Uh Oh!
1 Jodi Morris baby: Can we keep him
Dog: Can we return him
1 Christopher-lynnie Baker Baby: He did it!!! Dog: Who me???
1 Kate Buwalda baby: A kitty! dog: Where? I don’t see it, don’t mess with me kid
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