Barking News: Owner spends $32,681 on… DOG WEDDING

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There is no possible way Hollywood people came up with this. This is WAY too original.

Louise Harris, 32, of England spent more than about £20,000 (roughly $32,000 USD) on her dog Lola’s wedding.

Yes.. a DOG wedding that costs $32,000.

Louise said:

I wanted Lola to have the perfect day.

It was meant to only be a relatively small affair with 30 guests but the list just kept getting bigger and bigger because I didn’t want to leave anyone out!

Just like most weddings I guess!

The day was perfect from start to finish and Lola loved being the center of attention all day..

My dogs are my pride and joy so nothing is too good for them.

I enjoy spoiling them because it makes me happy.

Lola has completely transformed my life and brings me so much happier so this was my way of thanking her.

Apparently, there were “hundreds of suitors” who wanted to be Lola’s mate, but most were turned down.

So who was the lucky groom that married this cute little yorkie?

No other than the UK’s ugliest dog “Mugly”:

Louise said:

But I must admit when I went to meet Bev and Mugly I really didnt think Lola would like him.

She is a bit of a diva and loves her clothes and jewelry so I did think she would go for a dog more like her.

But they do say opposites attract and they happily played together all day.

They seemed to really enjoy being together and had a lot of fun so I thought he was the perfect future husband for Lola.

Here’s the breakdown of the cost of the wedding:

What she spent on How much
Venue $4075
Jewellery $2200.5
Dog outfits $1956
Food for human food $4075
Food for dogs $815
Car hire of Bentley $815
Dancers $815
Make up artist $326
Hairdresser $326
Dog groomers $326
Photographers $815
Louise’s outfits $978
Favours $815
Drinks $978
Dog creche including doggy gifts $1630
Gifts $2445
Flowers $1630
Designers to decorate the marquee $4890
Chocolate fountain $489
Cupcake tower $326
Security $652
Wedding planner $652
Music hire $652
TOTAL $32681

Here’s the phone interview with Louise Harris:

Now a BIG question to our readers..

What do you think: is this sign of love and extravaganza OR is this sign of good money wasted?

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  • sondra

    I think it is a LOT of money wasted! Not because it’s a dog wedding, I love dog, cats and any animal, so, I would probably want to do the same if I was wealthy! But that money can go to hungry people in our own countries. There are millions that don’t have a morsel of food, yet her dogs are lavishing…tsk, tsk…

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