Beagle Survives Euthanasia in Alabama Gas Chamber

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Talk about a miracle.

Remember that puppy Wall-E who was found supposed to be dead after receiving euthanasia, but instead found him in the dumpster, alive?

Apparently Wall-E’s story repeated itself.

Meet Daniel.

Daniel was a stray dog from Alabama.

When no one came to claim him at the animal shelter, he was scheduled to be euthanized with 18 other unwanted dogs in a gas chamber.

Yes, ladies and gentleman… a GAS chamber. (In case you’ve forgotten, this is year 2012, not 1012).

But a miracle happened.

Daniel managed to survive the extermination “humane euthanasia”, and was actually rescued by the awesome people at the Eleventh Hour Rescue in New Jersey.

Here’s one thing that bogs my mind about the fate of dogs..

On one hand, people are splurging the big bucks on their beloved pets (like the crazy nice lady who spent over $30,000 to throw a wedding for her dogs and the gentleman who is going to spend over $300,000 to clone his pet)..

On the other hand, some people are starving dogs, throwing dogs out of cars, and even mailing dogs in boxes.

And in the case of Wall-E and Daniel, no one wants them, so we, as society, resort to well.. killing them.

Why can’t we as society find something in the middle?

And if you know anyone who’s in the market to get a dog, PLEASE…. tell them that there are PLENTY of dogs in shelters (that are healthy, cute, loveable, and awesome) that need homes and that buying dogs from breeders and in stores only makes the pet overpopulation problem WORSE.

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Daniel’s story is a happy ending story.. except for the other 18 dogs that did not make it.

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