Bedbug Sniffing Dogs?

If you haven’t heard by now, bedbugs are the new trendy scare, the latest health buzz word if you will.

It’s so popular that if you type in “bedbug” into a Google search box, you’ll get 8.3 MILLION search results.

This bedbug scare is SO prevalent that some people are actually taking ADVANTAGE of this fear by creating “bedbug extermination kit” that go for as high as $3500.

This fear is so bad that some hotels in New York City are actually burning sheets in rooms suspected, not found, of bedbug infestation.

More and more people (especially in tour heavy cities like New York City, are talking about this alleged but disturbing new finding out bed bugs in apartments, hotels, movie theaters, schools, offices, and any where public where things or furnitures might come in contact with your skin.

Bedbugs sound nasty? Sure. In fact, they look nasty too.

And if they bite you, they can leave some nasty marks:

So what are we supposed to do? We can’t really run from them because these vampires are super hard to find.

Fido to the rescue!

Some dogs are trained to sniff out lost skiers in the Alps. Some dogs are trained to sniff out rabbits and foxes. Some dogs are trained to sniff out drugs in airports and international borders.

These dogs are trained to sniff out these little blood sucking, real life vampires.

The demand for these dogs is now so high that some of these trained bedbug sniffers are commanding $11,000 price tag. There is even a backorder with months of waiting.

But seriously folks, do we REALLY need this type of solution?

I’ve had bedbugs, fleas, and ticks. (Yes I am one dirty person.) I never really had to spend $3000 on exterminators or take a mortgage to get a bedbug sniffing dog. I went to the local supermarket, got a $5 bug killing fumigator, and viola! Bug free.

Sure I maybe down playing some of the more “serious” cases, but let’s look at the facts. In 2010, there were 34,123 reports of bed bug incidents in New York City. In a city with 9 million people, that’s 0.3%. Not even one in a hundred.

My cynical side says, “bed sniffing bugs… come on, really?”

But this is an opportunity that we can take advantage of.

We pet lovers should spread more bed bug propaganda and train dogs in animal shelter to sniff them out in hopes to raising adoption rates.


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  • emily

    it may be useful in big hotels but it is mean not to feed your dog if he does not find some bugs

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