Best Friend Abandonment

abandoned dog rescue kennnel2 days ago, I saw a dead dog along the side of the freeway. I couldn’t tell easily but it looked like a golden labrador retriever, about 40-60 lbs.

I was having a really great day up to that point and it made me super sad. I’m usually the one minding my own business and when I see things out of the ordinary that I personally might object to, I maintain a strict discipline of not sticking my nose where it belongs. But of course, that doesn’t mean I have reactive feelings about what I see and experience.

That’s when, of course… a whole bunch of questions started firing off in my head.

“Why would anyone throw a dog out of a moving car on the freeway?”
“That crime deserves capital punishment”
“Why would anyone abandone his best friend?”
“Why aren’t cops out there catching these people?”


I do not really have a coherent thought for this blog post because I am still disturbed by that image. There are previous posts about how people are dumping their dogs onto because of economic downturn and even Dr. Death, the vet who’s in charge of euthanizing unwanted pets. But the fact that I have personally experienced something like this is quite different. The difference between explaining how skydiving feels vs. actually jumping out of a perfectly fine plane with an oversized plastic bag stuffed in your backpack.

I will be posting more about this. Except it’ll be posts about actually doing something about it, not just reporting/reacting/giving opinions about what happened.

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