Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Mi Corazon :)

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bhcSo we finally decided to rent Beverly Hills Chihuahua – something we never thought we’d watch simply because it looked too corny and stupid.

The verdict? I actually thought it was funny. (You can read Eric Snider’s review from too.) Not hilariously hilarious, but it definitely had fun, cute, and touching moments. In fact, I’d say it was definitely worth the $1 rental and some. 🙂

Wow, now that I think about it, I’ve seen quite a few dog movies in the last few months – Bolt, Marley and Me, Hachiko (Japanese version), and now Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Hotel For Dogs.

If you want to talk about ultimate dog  princes and princesses, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is definitely the movie to watch. This movie is the epitome of THE MOST extreme type of dog pampering. I bet anything Chloe’s clothes are a thousand times more expensive than mine. Even her grooming and dining expenses are extravagant. To each their own I suppose. I guess when I have all the money in the world, I’ll be doing something quite similar – minus the prissy hair-dos and extravagant clothes that I’m sure the dog doesn’t care about.

Aside from the pampering, the story line was cute and comical. I knew Delgado was a cop dog when Diablo told him that his hero days were over. German Shephard + Hero? I remember writing about that…hehe. As for Poppy the landscaper, he’s definitely heroic and silly. I wonder if my dogs would come save me if I was in trouble or be like the loyal Hachiko and wait for me forever. Regardless, dogs are definitely Man and Woman’s Best Friend. Woof! Woof!

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