Blind Dog With His Own Guide Dog

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Meet Zac.

As you can see, Zac is blind. Zac had his eyes removed five years ago due to a severe eye infection.

So how does Zac get around?

Simple. With his own guide dog, Lilli:

The two dogs are best of friends.

When Zac is tired or disoriented, Lilli lets Zac rest his head on her shoulder.

They are seeking new home because the owner is moving abroad.

The owner said that they must be adopted together, as they are inseparable (physically and spiritually):

They are totally inseparable and seem to have an almost telepathic understanding, which is quite amazing to see.

Zak sniffs and smells Lilli and stays close to her so he can tell which way to go when they are out and about.

She provides reassurance for him and actually physically guides him by nudging him in the right direction when he loses his way. Lilli stays by his side all the time and is very patient.

Affectionate chap: Zac likes attention

She obviously knows he is different to the other dogs and is careful to walk round him and not knock into him too much.

When he is off the lead they live together in the re-homing part of the shelter and they are really close.

Zac is a very affectionate chap and he enjoys attention. Because he cant see, his others senses are heightened and his little tail starts wagging as soon as you walk in.

He is still a very happy dog and lives a fulfilled life.

His new owner would need to be aware not to move things around so that Zac can have a clear route around the house and hed need to be on a lead when he goes on walks.

In return Zac and Lilli would be such a rewarding companions and give lots of affection to whoever adopts them.

Pretty amazing huh?

Well, get this.. there has been OTHER cases of seeing eye dogs for dogs

Wow. Dogs are TRULY awesome animals.


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  • kaylan floyd

    that is os cute

  • sondra

    This is the most amazing and touching story! I LOVE both of them and I can clearly see they have a bond. Are they brothers? They almost look identical. It is marvelous what animals can do for each other, for other animals/species, and for humans!! Especially dogs..I am going to wipe my tears now. God Bless!! : ))

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