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obama_dog_merchandising Out of all the presidential pets in the history of US government, Obama’s dog, Bo (a.k.a Bobama) has to be the most marketable one. Why? It makes sense. Obama is popular and his wife, Michelle, is even more so with her friendship to Oprah and her super chiseled arms.

If you were a marketer, how could you capitalize on this media frenzy? Easy.

Merchandising the dog. That’s how. In fact, Beanie Babies maker Ty is already ahead of the curve and have started selling Bobama beanie babies (or shall we say, dogs):


First dog Bo has his very own children’s toy, courtesy of Beanie Babies maker Ty.

The company has been selling a $4.99 “Beanie Bo” toy made in the Portuguese Water Dog’s likeness, complete with white front feet and a red, white, and blue ribbon around its neck.

The toy’s first run, which went on sale April 16, sold out in a few hours, though toys are still available on eBay for around $20.

Wait a minute. It doesn’t end there. In fact, they have a book  out called “Bo, America’s command in leash”. Ridiculous you say? Tell that to Amazon.


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  • Ron Grant

    “Commander in Leash” is not the only book taking Bo for a walk in the marketplace!

    In this book Bo, not unlike the President in his efforts, helps fellow k-9s by setting up animal rescue organizations. In the process, he discovers that maybe he himself has a nose for politics. Bo holds a Press conference, recites his own doggy version of the Gettysburg Address, and even works on his own Bill of Animal Rights.

    Since a portion of the book’s profits will be donated to the ASPCA, Bo’s aspirations for his follow k-9s are fully realized through the sale of his story and the book.

    Grrrreat going, Bo! You certainly have a future in Washington and in the imaginations of kids everywhere!

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