Cab Drivers Arrested for Refusing Blind Man and His Eye Seeing Dog

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Remember that time a restaurant owner was arrested for refusing a service dog to his restaurant?

Well apparently, these two cab drivers from Connecticut didn’t read it.

A blind man and his eye seeing dog were at the Bradley International Airport.

As any tourists needing a taxi, the duo approached the cab drivers (that are waiting in line) to get a cab.

The two cab drivers in the front of the line, a man and his father (each driving his own cab), REFUSED to let the blind man and his service dog in.

So the airport officials came to intervene.

But nope, the two cab drivers refused.

So the officials asked them to leave the taxi line.

But of course, the two cab drivers refused that as well.

In a rather “genius” move, one of the two cab drivers actually called 911 to voice his discontent.

When the cops came, the two were arrested for refusing the policemens’ request to move from the tax line.

Both men were charged with refusing access to public transportation, and interfering with a police officer.

The son was also charged with misuse of the Emergency 9-1-1 system.

(Yes, the irony will NEVER EVER stop)

In a serious note, we as society often praise dogs for their hard work.

Such as being our loyal friends, serving alongside our military men and women, helping those who need companionship, and of course, making us laugh.

Yet, when it comes to serving those who have service dogs with them, discrimination and sometimes outright refusal of service is not uncommon.

If you know anyone who works with service dogs or comes into contact with service dogs, please let them know about this issue and share this article with them.


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  • ginger

    as far as the 2 cabbies are concerned it seems the old saying is sad but true,THE APPLE DON’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE, I bet these stupid asses have picked up many ladies of the night,I hope the airport can find a way to stop these SCUMS from making money off them.I find SCUM BAGS would be first in line to abuse an animal

  • Rachel

    Stupid cabbies got what they deserved.

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