Can dogs tell directions and think critically?

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Doggy remembering directions(Sidenote: This post should be more of a sequal to the post “Can Dogs Count?” post.)

Everytime I take my dogs to the dog park, I notice their tail wags harder and harder every time I get close to the park in my car. Of course, this makes sense because they’ve associated going to the dog park with fun and pleasure. So it only makes sense.

What’s fascinating is that my dogs seem to be able directions more keenly than I thought.

For example, one time I took a different route to the dog park because of traffic jam on the freeway. The dog park can be entered from either east or west side of the street. For the first time ever, we entered from the west side and guess what? The dogs tails were wagging when we were nearing the dog park (park looks very different from this angle).

My dog Lucky (pic here – scruffy dog in black and white fur) exemplifies this directional “talent”. He would wander off around the neighborhood for HOURS yet find his way back miraculously. I’m sure he’s not the only dog that does this but it’s still amazing to me how a little dog with a tiny brain has so much intelligence.

So I got to thinking, can dogs think critically? If they can count, maybe they have  a deeper sense of intelligence than most people give them credit for.

dog chasing red ballToday, when my dogs and I were at the same dog park, I noticed a terrier and her owner playing fetch with a squeaky ball. No big deal. What I did notice, however, was how the dog anticipated the direction of the ball when it was about to bounce off a rock.  

Wow. Dogs are so awesome. What other critical thinking are dogs capable of doing?

I look forward to the future, smart dogs that can do some of the house chores, like go to work, pay rent, and due my taxes.

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