Umm right. Cat gives birth to puppy?

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Yeap. Apparently, a cat gave birth to a puppy, according the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

According to the story, owner of the cat said that her cat gave birth to two kittens.

But when one died ad she took a close look, one “strangely” looked like a dog.

I then noticed the other kitten looked surprisingly like a dog

Quite possibly the kitty is a mixed child

It IS possible that because the cat lost its kittens, it had “maternal” instincts to go and look for “replacements” that might might serve its maternal instincts.

Like this cat:

But seriously, what’s going on here?

1) Bad journalism?

2) The cat lady just wants some attention?

3) The cat actually gave birth to a cat-dog?

4) Cat adopting a dog?

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