Catchy Song about Dog’s Loyalty

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Here are certain unchanging facts of life

1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Dog’s unwavering loyalty to its master

Dogs’ love is so AWESOME that dogs are willing to love anything, including raccoons, tigers, and yes, monkeys.

Dog’s love is so wonderful that this songwriter write this catchy song about dog’s love and loyalty.

If you feel like singing along, the lyrics are below the video. Feel free to sing this to your dog. 😉

I will lay at your feet, listen to you breathe,

‘Til the daybreak comes I will wait.

When you walk out the door,

I will be waiting, praying for you to come home.

And I’ll love you,

‘Til time breaks away,

When your hair’s turning grey,

I will be there.

When you’re crying,

I will kiss all the tears,

Push away all the fears

And when night comes again, I will wait,

And I’ll love you…

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  • Gisele

    would love to have your permission to use this song in a future video!

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