Celebrity Dogs – 50 Cent

One of the world’s most popular gangster rappers all time, 50 cent, is known for his intensely fierce street lyrics. Coming from the background of drug dealing and street gang-banger, average people like us can only imagine what he went through.

Of course, if you were an ex-street thug, what kind of dog are you likely to have? Perhaps a pit bull?

A doberman pinshcer?

Nope. You need something more fierce, like a yorkie.

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  • Maria

    Yeah, and what happened to his foot!?!?! Yorkie fights now?? Better not be!

  • bev stretch

    i have a pitbull that i saved 3 years ago and love him so much his best friend is a 11 month old baby my Coco loves all animals and people

  • bev stretch

    any sergery on animals that don’t need it for medical reasons is wrong

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