China’s One Dog Under One Roof Policy

Human Population of Republic of China: 1.3 BILLION.

To be exact, according to the World Bank, there are 1,331,460,000 people in China as of 2009.

Unless you live in bomb shelter with no TV or Internet, I am sure you are aware China also happens to be one of the FASTEST growing economies of the world.

In economically developed countries, pet ownership can swell to about 30-40%, or in simple math, 1 dog for every 3 people.

If China had that kind of pet ownership in the future: that would be 400 MILLION pets.

Imagine what 400 MILLION pets would look like

That would be more than the entire human population of United States.

So Chinese government got wiser: 1 dog per household.

The “one dog under one roof policy” lowers the dog ownership/registration fee is really an effort to crackdown on unregistered animals and keep pet population in check.

Sounds great, right?


Pet owners whose dogs are not registered with the authorities will have to get rid of them.

Why? Because only one pet registration (per household) will be accepted.

One pet owner tells her how she’s not happy:

“I have three unregistered dogs. They have been with me for five years. They are family to me, I can’t just give one of them up.”

Also under the regulation, breeds deemed “more dangerous” like Rottweiler, German Shepherds and several types of mastiffs and bulldog, are also banned.

“Any of these fierce dogs kept by private households will be taken away”.

Why are they aggressive?

Simple: there aren’t enough dog parks in China for them go out and run. Dogs are also banned in regular parks. If dogs don’t get their exercise, they will start misbehaving.

It is a delicate situation, but this is a giant step for country that has been known consume dogs and cats as a source of food. (Remember that incident with the truck that was carrying 600 dogs to their death?)

The Chinese government is finally starting to acknowledge dogs and cats as not just pets, but members of households.

In fact, there is a small but growing movement of animal rights in China:

Question to readers: is this new law a GOOD or BAD idea?

Leave your thoughts in the comments


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  • karen

    Its a bad rule more then one it goes to be put to death like so many being skinned alived in CHINA for the fur trade. they need to look at the people first.

  • Tracye

    China is putting a ban on MORE VICIOUS DOGS such as German Shephers and Mastiffs only because of the fact they have really nice fur for them to skin alive and put their trim on nice coats for their humans to wear around their necks. Absolutely SICKENING . Instead of looking at the animal population, why not look into BIRTH CONTROL FOR THIS COUNTRY, REALLY 331 BILLION PEOPLE do you understand where this number is COMING FROM wake up China

  • Emily

    BAD! Cause if you love your dogs and say you have 2-3 unregistered dogs then they take them away that is just not Wright . Then when they do take them they will probaly kill the poor animals so its could be BAD or good but i would say bad for some people good for others

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