Chowder the Super Dog Saves Elderly Woman from Fire

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Meet Chowder, a 2-year-old Irish Jack Russell terrier from Massachusetts.

He’s not your average dog.

Richard Carlino, the owner of Chowder, was awakened when Chowder jumped up and down on this chest. It was early in the morning so Richard pushed him off.

Why? Chowder sensed imminent fire danger next door.

So Chowder KEPT jumping up and down until Richard was awake.

“Once he made sure my wife and I were up, he ran to each room of the house and made sure our children were awake, too. He wouldn’t rest until he knew everyone was awake, and we’d gone out the door to help our neighbor.”

Instead of trying to get AWAY from the fire, the next door neighbor, and elderly woman, was trying to go INTO her home that was in process of burning up.

The Carlinos, awake thanks to Chowder, was able to save the elderly woman before an explosion inside the house.

The houses were destroyed, but luckily, no one got hurt.

Thanks to this AWESOME little dog.

This story will be categorized under “AWESOME”. 😉


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