Clarification: Koreans don’t eat cats.

noodle dogI got an anonymous email from someone who apparently read the blog and how I kept (jokingly) referring to Korean consumption of “pets”… and how he (or she) found that disturbing. He wrote, “You Koreans are barbarians. How can you eat your cat pal?”

Instead of turning into a one on one email flame war, I thought I’d share with the world. Here’s what I would’ve written him/her:

Listen Mr.XYZ. If you don’t have the cojones to reveal your identity and make that kind of ignorant statement, I will take the time to put some knowledge into your pathetic little thing you called a brain.

Here are the facts:

1) Korea is not the only country that consumes (or have consumed) dog meat. In fact, it’s pretty universal – Canada, France, Germany, Ghana, Japan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Polynesia, Switzerland, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and yes…  United States.

2) The segment of the Korean population that consume dog meat is TINY. This article thinks it’s 5 to 30% (i don’t know where they got that number, probably out of thin air) but if you watch korean TV where they interview people about the ethics of dog meat consumption, most people will frown and say no.

3) What would you say if a person of Hindu belief scolded you for eating beef in India? Would you look at him strange? Who’s right? You or him? Who are you to judge an entire culture based on your narrow view of life? Yes I love my dogs and I would never eat dog or cat meat, but that’s MY decision. It’s MY prerogative. Everyone has this prerogative. Your standards and beliefs are not not the world’s standard. Have you ever heard of cultural relativity? Who are you to say that yours is right and everyone else’s is wrong? Who do you think you are? George W.?

Last and most importantly, the stereotype for Koreans is DOG meat consumption, not cat meat. Get your stereotypes correct. In fact….

soviet cat eating korean

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  • you!

    So if I decide to eat human meat, that’s ok because it’s MY prerogative?

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