Clipping ears- animal aesthetics or animal cruelty?

Animal Cruelty

I often catch myself telling friends and others at the park that dogs are dog. If they want to hump each other (not procreate, but just social pecking order type of hump), I let them. If they want to link random places or objects, I usually let them.

I’ve even written a post about how I REFUSE to neuter my dog based on one and only one principal: that it’s a form of “species”-centrism and a violation of the natural principals. God made them that way for a reason. How DARE we think that we know what’s best for God’s awesome DIVINE creation.

So when I see people doing things that seem rather, unnatural to the dog’s design, I find myself a bit disturbed.

*deeep breath * Here we go..

Doberman Pinscher, for example, is one of those dogs bred for looks. Sure, not for “pretty” looks… but a look of intimidation and fear:

doberman on harness
But the “cost” of creating this Doberman look is rather cruel + unusual. People call it “ear cropping”. I call it “chopping the ear off”:

For example, this is how Doberman look as natural puppies:

doberman pinscher puppies

Once the ear gets “clipped”, people “re-resurrect” the ears to a certain shape:

doberman ears clipped

Doberman Pinscher ear clipped - sideways view

Doberman Pinscher ear clipped

Does it look like this dog is enjoying this process? This isn’t aesthetics. This is borderline animal cruelty. And for what? Make them look scary? Do you want your dog to look scary to your family + friends?

OK, so this post is more about my personal vent than anything. If you sense negative energy, I apologize. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about dog abuse and it really ticks me off. Had to vent.

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