Commerical Dog Food Is Bad?

dog_food1I’m not sure why I decided to research my dogs’ brand of dog food and read up on reviews yesterday while I was working at Panera Bread, but I did. My findings? Shocking. Although the packaging is pretty, it looks like they’re nutritious and cheap, I came to find that I’m actually feeding my dog food that can and probably will make them sick down the road.

What kind of dog food am I referring to? Beneful. Of course, there are also several other dog foods out there that are bad, but this brand in particular is what I’d been feeding my dog for over a year (which I found recalled recently off the Wal-Mart shelves). I’m not going to bash every brand out there because I’m sure there are premium natural dog foods available that are of high quality and safe.

It just breaks my heart to read these facts. did their own research to see if Dog Food Secrets, an ebook written by a man who gathered a team to uncover the truth about what goes into a lot of commercial dog foods, was a scam to scare people from buying dog food and in turn by his ebook. What did they uncover?

We found out that powerful Dog Food companies can legally choose NOT to include deadly chemicals and preservatives on the label. (it’s a common practice apparently)

How did they get away with it?

Simple, all the dead animals and chemicals are mixed into your dog food at the rendering plant not OWNED by the dog food manufacturer themselves!

If it’s dangerous to human… do you think it’s safe for your dogs?

Obviously not!

Because preservatives can lead to cancers, kidney and liver failure, dog allergies, hair loss or even blindness.

Director of Veterinary Medicine and Author, Henry Pasternak, “Although you won’t see it on the label, since it is often added at the rendering plant and not by the manufacturer, ethoxyquin is used to preserve most dry pet food. Ethoxyquin is the most powerful of all preservatives and may be the most toxic.”

I am still in shock. I know it should be my responsbility to do research before buying any product, but I didn’t and now I dearly regret it. Maybe there are dogs out there that won’t have adverse reactions to these types of dog foods, but personally I do not want the chance of feeding my dogs food that contain manure, by-products, dead and diseased animals along with their collars and tags, and/or deadly preservatives and chemicals. Nope. No more…

Instead, I will make/cook their food myself. Crazy? Not if you love your pets and think of them as part of the family. Our dogs bring us much joy and a lot of the times they ease our minds when we’re having a tough time. They are truly man’s best friend and we intend to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. If you care for them now, even though it may seem pricier, they’ll most likely avoid the price that comes with the unforeseeable vet visits in the future.

What are some of the benefits of homemade dog food?

* Less illness and diseases

* Healthy, shiny coat

* Higher energy level

* Reduction in body odor, including fresh breath and odorless stools

* Strong, clean teeth

* A healthy and happy dog

I believe in caring for my pet. They give me love. I give them love. It just all makes sense.

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