Cop Fired for Allegedly Beating Dog and Burying It Alive

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It was a normal summer day in Kentucky.

A highway repair crew was on a job… and they noticed a dog that had been injured from a car accident.

One of the crew members called officer 911 and Offier Randy Taylor came to the rescue..

And so that’s what the crew thought the police officer would do – rescue the dog.


Instead of doing what cops are supposed to do, to serve and to protect by taking the dog to a vet, Officer Taylor decided to make his own judgment that the dog wasn’t worthy of saving.

The officer BEAT the dog with a garden tool.


Allegedly to put it out of its misery, but the dog wasn’t “worth a bullet”.

Here’s where the story gets even more twisted.

He burys the dog on the side of the road.. where the dog was found ALIVE a couple of days later by another road crew.

Ok, we don’t like pointing fingers, but this police officer clearly made some BAD decisions.

AS much as we would like share only the positive stories, we need to shed LIGHT on darkness.

If you feel inclined to do something about this, you can

1) Contact the proper authorities and let them you know you ARE PISSED


David Thompson
P.O. Box 186
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-4444 – Office
(270) 298-4440 – Fax


Greg Hill
P.O. Box 94
Hartford, KY 42347
(270) 298-3335 – Office
(270) 298-4011 – Fax

2) Share this article with anyone and EVERYONE. Let them know animal cruelty like this CANNOT be tolerated.

PS: This is a TOTAL slap in the face to these awesome four legged friends of ours who serve and protect us.

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  • barb. Ouellette

    This to me is not a man that normally likes animals.Most peoples concience wouldn’t allow them to do that to an animal.

  • Lytdia Buitenwerf

    This just unbeliveable that an officer of the law is supposed to up hold the law for everyone and everything including animals dont the animals deserve a fair shake at life to even after they have been injured in a car accident, it must have been to hard for him to pick up the dog and call the humane society to come and get him to the vet SHAME ON THE COP who beat this poor dog what did the dog ever do to him he should be fired and fined for animal abuse and never be allowed to have an animal anywhere near him.

  • Debbie Rollins

    Charge this man with felony animal abuse. I wouldn’t trust him in a shelter! 5 years in county, much more dangerous than federal prison. Plus he could make friends with those he put away. This will take away his right to own a firearm and he’ll never be able to vote again. He’s a piece of garbage!

  • Tanya Geneman

    Definitly sentance him to 3months of picking up after dogs at shelters.. and then 5 years in federal prison. Take away his right to ever own an animal or even be near one! it would always be nice to fit the punishment with the crim but in society we are not allowed to act barbaric because two wrongs do not make a right.

  • Brodi

    I’m disgusted. And this guy has the nerve to call himself a cop?!?!?!?!!! This was not heroisim….this was attempted MURDER! Forget losing his job, I say, lock the guy up for a few years, and throw away the key!

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