CPR Saves Dog, Once Again

Remember that dog breeder that came to a drowning puppy’s rescue?

Well, apparently, CPR on dogs is not as rare as people think it is.

Meet Sugar.

Sugar had a seizure during her K-9 training class. Sugar’s owner Tiffany Kauth said:

I was absolutely certain that I was losing my dog

His eyes were open and there was nothing there. It was hard

Lucky for Sugar, Ron Pace, the trainer, quickly leaped into action and revived Sugar on the spot.

I noticed right then he wasn’t breathing

[I was] applying some pressure to give the dog a chance to breathe, like we would on a human and was just kinda praying it would come around

It may have not been the correct way to do it and the way that they teach.

It’s the outcome that what was important

Here’s a complete story:

Ok, if you are not faint of heart, you can take a look at the actual footage (7 minutes) of what happened in its entirety.

Just a little caution… Sugar’s owner is a bit frantic throughout the video:

Wow, awesome, ain’t it?

CPR for pets.. one of those cool skills to have under your belt

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