“Dangerous” Pet Given Second Chance – Is This Justice?

If an innocent pet is killed by a stranger, would you agree that the pet (and the pet’s owner) deserves justice against this deranged lunatic?


We would agree cruel crime against our four legged best friends should not go unpunished.

But what if that innocent pet was killed by your neighbor’s pet?

Should that neighbor’s pet be punished, instead of the owner?

Meet, Mercedes. A pit bull from Fort Lauderdale, FL who’s on death row.

Yes, ladies and gentleman… death penalty for a DOG.

Why? For killing a neighbor’s cat on the neighbor’s porch.

Though this was just single fatal attack (i.e. Mercedes had no history), the lawmakers from the Broward county, where Mercedes and her owner lived, decided to go beyond the state law and ask for euthanasia.

Luckily, the state courts said, “no way, jose”.

The owner of the deceased cat said:

“The ruling is wrong. With Mercedes’ history, it’s going to happen again.”

Now, here’s you chance to chime in with your opinion.

In this case, where a beloved pet was killed by another person’s beloved pet, was this justice? If this punishment isn’t a good fit, what IS a better punishment?

PS: Pit bulls are NOT inherently dangerous animals. Remember, that dogs only reflect who their owners are.

In fact, if this video doesn’t prove that pit bulls can be just as gentle and loving like any other breeds, I don’t know what will:

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  • Robbi

    I think the pit’s owners are the one’s who should be held accountable for their pet’s actions. It’s one thing if the animal has always shown aggressive tendencies….I feel for the people who lost their cat, but who’s responsibility was it to keep their dog on a leash or penned in their yard? Was it the Pit’s responsibility to keep himself in the yard..no, it was the owners.

  • Rachel

    I have no doubt that the dog wanted to sniff, and the cat drew first blood. I know loving family dogs that will still defend themselves violently against scratching cats, and i know my two cats will always strike first when our 3 dogs are sniffing. Dogs who’s breeds consist of lab, collie and etc. I seriously hope that this animal (who cannot speak for himself) has EVERY and ALL factors considered in his trial!

  • kirsten

    i don’t think its justice to want to kill this dog, chasing cats is a natural(sometimes) instinct, and yeah, it doesnt always happen that they kill them… but the owner should be punished and not the dog. a shi-tzu bit my brothers lip almost right off his face and we didnt press charges. it’s not “in the dogs nature” nor is it based on the history of the breed otherwise we could say shi-tzus are dangerous dogs!!

    they should seize the dog from the owner and find it a new home! with good people just like they do for those pitbulls on the show “pitbulls and parolees” (i think)

    on that show a pitbull(and three other dogs) had attacked a teenager. but when someone came along to break it up, the one pitbull had apparently tucked his tail between his legs and ran off. that dog was given a second chance! and the owners seemed like awesome nice people, who even told the lady that they didnt care if they couldnt have the dog back as long as he was allowed to live.

    i fostered a 1 year old male intact aussie who the humane society had tagged as “unfit to re-home” and our rescue in town took him in to see if he could be re-habilitated. i had two other intact males and there were no problems! i have two nieces and he was wonderful with them!(they said he had growled at a child) as well as my friends 18 month old son. and he was not aggressive with his food bowl if i stuck my hand in it.

    Rash decisions can be more dangerous than this dog. if that aussie was euthanized, it would have been a bad choice, he turned out to be a perfect pet for a nice lady in town!

    i hope they dont put this dog down 🙁 at least unless they can seriously PROVE beyond this incident that the dog is a truly VICIOUS and dangerous dog.

  • Dawne

    I totally disagree. This seems like more of a lack of responsibility on the pets owners on both sides. For one thing, there is a leash law for dogs and the owner of the pit should not have let the dog run lose to enable it to get to the cat. At the same time the cat owner should not let a cat wander outside either. No laws prevent it, but letting a cat our like that is also taking a risk. I, myself, have a Rottie and he is the biggest baby ever. Alot of breeds get a bad rap and my dog would never hurt a flea. So punishing it just cause its a pit is pathetic.

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