From a Breeder to a Prison to a Happy Home: Deaf Dog Sparky

Talk about a HAPPY ending to a not-such-a-great-beginning story.

Meet Sparky.

Sparky is a 1 year old dachshund who was born deaf. The dog breeder who bred him thought he was useless, and wanted to get rid of him .

But instead, Sparky was given a second chance.

Sparky was brought to the South Central Correctional Center in Licking, MO (ha! A dog went to “Licking”.. ok, we digress), and into a program that matches prisoners to dogs. The goal of the program? Make the dogs more “adoptable” for future owners.

When the training was over, the prisoners felt the right place for Sparky, a deaf dog, was well, with deaf people.

What happened next?

Sparky was sent to Missouri School for the Deaf, where he instantly connected with the students.

And voila!

Instant love at first sight from the students!

The prisoners actually thought Sparky some hand signs so communicating to the deaf students wasn’t a totally new challenge for Sparky.

According to the staff, Sparky is seen around the schoool, and helps calm a student with behavior or social problems down.

Sparky not only brought out the empathy from the breeder that bred him, he also made an impact on the prisoners that trained him… AND found a place in the heart of a teenager.

Wow. What an awesome story.

When people first see a deaf puppy, their most likely first reaction is “how sad”. But as the wise have always said, “there is a REASON for EVERYTHING.” Indeed!

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