Dine out with your pets? Why not!

A restaurant in China near Shanghai called Paradise Pet Club allows PETS to eat alongside its owner. How awesome is that? You wouldn’t have to keep him/her in the car bored while you dine out. What a great restaurant idea (speaking as entrepreneur and pet owner myself).

Paradise Pet Club

A restaurant that allows pet owners to eat at the same table as their cats and dogs has earned cheers and criticism since it opened in Minhang District earlier this year.

A set menu at the restaurant, which is part of the Paradise pet club, costs about 50 yuan (US$6) and includes dog food as well as a drink and snack for the pet owner.

The local pet regulation requires pet owners to keep their animals at home except when they have to take them to the vet. The regulation is widely ignored, however.

Liu (the owner) said that she has seen clubs for pet owners to spend time with their cats and dogs and other pet lovers, so she decided to set up a similar club in Shanghai.

The club was originally designed just for dogs, but many people have brought along cats, rabbits and other animals to play at the club over the past three months.

All of the restaurant employees have been trained to look after pets.

The restaurant has been discussed on many Websites, with about half of the posters criticizing the idea.

“This is so unhygienic, and disgusting. These people just have too much money,” a person using the online name Zhuzhu wrote on Sina.com.

“Public health is certainly a big concern for us,” said Liu. “We disinfect our dishes three times everyday. And all the members are asked to provide a health certificate for their pets before entering the club.”

“There is no law forbidding pets from eating with their owners,” said Gu Zhenhua, director of the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Bureau. “But I don’t think it’s appropriate for pets and their owners to eat at the same table in public. Anyhow, we can do nothing about it now.”

Heck, better to eat WITH the pets than to, well, eat them.*

Editorial note: If that sounded ignorant or racist, it’s ok. I’m Korean.

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  • Emily

    Why not ? It`s not your eating off the same plate as your pet. It`s a great idea as long as you control your pet.

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