Do You Have Any Interesting Stories about Your Pet?

Do you love your pet?

I’m sure you do.

But do you have any interesting stories about your pet that others might find interesting?

For example..

1) its turns out that Josephine, a miniature pinscher, can detect her owner’s oncoming seizure attacks.

2) Kimbo, a Newfoundland labrador, RESCUED Angus McGrady right before she was about to face some serious trouble swimming in a strong current river.

3) Tippy, a Yorkie, wipes its paws on command.

You might be wondering, “My dog’s not that special”.

Au contraire, mon frère… you’ll be surprised that people are interested in EVERYDAY stories.

For example…

1) Any special story on how you met your pet?
2) Does your pet have any special talents or an interesting behavior?
3) An interesting event or series of events that is out of ordinary?
4) Have any stories to warn about, such as a shady dog service professional?

.. or anything out of the ordinary.

We’re taking submissions via email:

Please include:

1) Your name
2) Your pet’s name
3) Your city/state
4) Any relevant pictures/videos
5) Of course.. YOUR STORY!

When your story is approved, it’ll get published on PawshPal blog where it will get read by 20k+ pet lovers around the country.

Go ahead and submit today!

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