Do You REALLY Know What’s in that Dog Food?


Ok, I don’t wanna be the bring-er of gloom and doom, so let me show you some stats.

According to Born Free USA, an animal rights advocacy group, commercial pet food :

… about 50% of every food animal does not get used in human foods. Whatever remains of the carcass — heads, feet, bones, blood, intestines, lungs, spleens, livers, ligaments, fat trimmings, unborn babies, and other parts not generally consumed by humans

Yes, UNBORN FETUS of cows, pigs, lambs, etc.

Grossed out yet?

Wait, it gets better.
Commercial pet food you buy in stores need to be treated with chemical additives in order for FDA to label it “safe for pet consumption”.

Here are some from a very LONG list of additives that are added to process these by-product meat

Pelleting agents and binders
Petroleum derivatives
pH control agents

Yes, you read that correctly.

PETROLEUM derivatives, as in Vaseline and gasoline, are in commercial dog food.

Now, just imagine what it would do to your dog (or you cat) if it drank gasoline 3 times a day.

What are some of the effects of long term ingestion of gasoline?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, it can lead to

  1. Reproduductive defect
  2. Irreversible damage to lung, liver, and other vital organs.
  3. Permanent chemical and hormonal imbalance (which can lead to PERMANENT behavioral changes)
  4. Possible DEATH!!!

Now, if you love your dog like I do (and I’m guessing you do since you’re reading this), you would NEVER EVER let your dog be exposed to this kind of poison.

Would you?

Of course, not.

Here’s the obvious solution: Don’t feed your dog commercial dog food. Duh.

So, what exactly do you feed your dog?



1. Home cooked meals


Don’t go around just feeding your dog stuff YOU eat.

Dogs have nutritional requiredments that are DIFFERENT from people’s.

Dogs need different amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, protein, etc. that they need.

In fact, you’d be surprised to find out how many pets visit the veterinarians because of “BAD” home cooked meals.

It’s your pet, right?

You love your pet, right?

So why would you take a stupid risk like that?

Invest a couple of dollars and find out from a PRO pet food cook who can share the RECIPES and the ingredients.

Take a look at  Healthy Food For Dogs: Homemade Recipes.

2. RAW foods

There is a trend among pet owners to feed their pets RAW foods.

Yeap, raw as in .. raw meat, raw vegetables, raw everything.

In fact, there are studies out there that shows pets (and even people) live longer on raw food diet.


Don’t just go around giving your dog raw chicken.

Have you heard of salmonella?

There are WAYS and METHODS to properly handle the meats… and I strongly STRONGLY caution you to READ this FIRST before venturing into this:

Going Rawr! A Complete Guide To Putting Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet

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