Do you sleep with your pets?

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My 5 year old niece is an animal torturer.

People always told me that it was bad to sleep with your pets. Why? Supposedly it’s a dominance conflict. I guess it’s true, but when I look into their cute faces it’s hard to resist pulling them inside to snuggle with me. I have to admit though that three doggies are a bit much. It’s difficult to move around and be comfortable let alone cuddle with your human mate. So one day we took a blanket and spread it next to our bed (which is really the floor) and every time they tried to crawl in bed we would give them the “ah ah” command – you know…the sound that Victoria makes from It’s Me or The Dog and then place them on the blanket next to us. We succeeded…..sort of…they only crawl during the latter part of the night…

On a side note, I once met a man in Campbell who had five mini italian grey hounds. He said he slept with all of them in his bed. How does he freakin do it? I don’t know. Knowing me, I’d probably end up kicking them in my sleep.

Anyone have any pet bed stories?

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