Does Anyone Have A Dog Vacuum? A LITERAL ONE.

shedding-pets1My three little rascals have been shedding like crazy! Ahh…how do people usually handle all this hair that keeps flying around sticking to clothes, bedding, furniture, carpet, and cars? =/ Sigh…is there a vacuum for dog hair? I don’t mean a machine that vacuums hair that’s already shed. I mean a vacuum that I can hold up and literally vacuum from their body – hmm…maybe that’s another invention I should pursue besides my disciplinary spanking device. Then again, I bet my dogs would run away at the site of such a thing, especially since they already run away from our regular vacuum.

So with that thought I’m going to digress. Why on earth are dogs afraid of vacuum cleaners so much? My dog, Lucky, literally ran into the closet, climbed on top of my stacked boxes and bags and hid in inconspicous darkness. It was the funniest sight! Too bad I didn’t catch that on video. mentions the reason they run and it isn’t because it looks like a monster. In fact, they’re just sensitive to the sound.

Dog hearing is significantly better than human hearing, and they can hear in the ultrasonic range – very high frequency sounds inaudible to humans (remember those dog whistles that never seemed to work? Same principle).

Vacuum cleaners tend to put out loud ultrasonic sounds that are irritating and frightening to dogs. They attack the vacuum because they just want it to shut up. So if you have a dog, it might be kind to put him or her outside or in another room with the door closed while you vacuum. At the very least, you’ll spare your vacuum cleaner some teethmarks.

Maybe next time I’ll leave them in the bathroom while I vacuum, but maybe I won’t. I like watching them run. lol.

But seriously, how do people get rid of all this hair? A few months back a lady I was sitting next to at Reed Dog Park was talking about the FURminator. That’s right – a mean DeShedding tool that’s supposed to decrease the shedding by 60%-80%. Is this claim true? If you’ve tried it, let me know if it’s worth it!

I guess I could also try some tips from, but I’m really dreading the work. Why can’t my dogs brush themselves? In fact, why can’t I have self-maintaining dogs? – pick of their poop, take their own baths, feed themselves, work! haha…sigh…complain? yes, but I still love them 🙂

I’m just glad I don’t have super shedding dogs like Huskies. I would get a non-shedding dog, but I don’t happen to like those breeds as much (most requiring grooming. aka haircuts).

Alright, time to use the lint roller on my pants. Have a woofsome day!

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