Dog Adopts Tiger Cubs. About Time, Sheesh

A while back, When a white tiger in Kansas gave birth a litter of cubs, the tiger mom abandoned them.


It’s a survival instinct. The Tiger mom knew that that having a large litter is bad because she can only invest in one or two cubs. If she tried to feed/nurture/take care of them all, none of them would survive because she instinctively knows she does not have the means to do so.

That’s when a motherly golden retriever stepped in and became a mom for the baby cubs:

“Awww” you say…?


Apparently, this dog wasn’t the first inter-species mom. In fact, she was late to the “party”.

Here’s a CHIMP that adopted baby cubs….

And, yes.. believe it or not, a PIG.

This raises very VERY serious questions

1) Why are tiger moms so damn irresponsible?
2) Why aren’t Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopting them?
3) Did the baby cubs eat their surrogate moms?

If the answer to #3 is a yes, oh well. I don’t blame them. Bacon is delicious.

Question to readers: What combinations of animal would you like to see adopt each other?

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  • Emily

    i would like to see a dog adopt a lion or monkey or something . But i just love it when dogs adopt tigers

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