Dog Blown Away by Tornado Finds His Way Home on Broken Legs

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Remember the dogs that survived the tornado in the south?

Well, this story is MUCH better.

Meet Mason, a Terrier Mix.

Mason was in a garage when the storm struck on April 27th and blew him away into oblivion.

The owners thought he was lost for good. So they gave up on him.

Weeks later, guess who shows up?

Yeap, Mason.. with two BROKEN legs.

Mason apparently galloped his way BACK home.

Wow. What a survivor.

So far, there have been

Then there’s

Something about dogs and survival/hope… they go hand in hand.

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  • Anne

    I totally agree with your post. We have had 3 dogs from shelters and they have been an absolute joy to have as part of our family. Molly is now 11 years old (approx)kelpie/blue heeler cross who is still afraid of water hoses, beer stubbies and little girls with long dark hair aged about 9 years – this conjures up very ugly images as to what happened to her as a puppy! She obviously managed to escape and we were fortunate to have found her.

    I am sure that she knows she has been given a second chance at life and is very loyal and loving member of our family.

  • Gisele

    I wish more people would go to shelters rather than breeders for their 4 footed friends. The biggest key we have in today’s society is education – about all things. It just boggles my mind that people will spend from $300 up to $5,000 for a ‘purebred’ when there are millions in need of a home & love, living in cages all over this country & the world, & many being euthanized as th SPCA’s cannot afford to keep them with the paltry donations they are given. I also cannot fathom why the penalty for animal cruelty is so pathetic, compared to the crime – how anyone can maltreat a true innocent, like an animal (a more pure heart was never born) is a stain on the human race. Educate – please, Educate!

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