Dog Cruelty or Dog Humor?

Ah yes, the evolution of the canine from wild vicious wolves

to cute cuddly pets

has finally come to a conclusion:

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  • Amy

    She looks absolutely relaxed and happy. If she didn’t like it, she would have been scrambling like crazy to get out.

  • Eva

    I am always concerned and against “humanizing” our pets. To me animals are animals and people are people.
    My concern was, watching this video, that we have a dog swinging and a child swinging; however, somehow no one paid any attention to the child, but there was a lot of attention around the dog. To me that is a form of a cruelty but to the child.

  • Melissa

    The dog is not being harmed in anyway. If the dog didn’t want to do it, he/she would have tried to jump out.

  • tammy dugger

    this is not cruelty the dog does not look in distress or anything.

  • Angela Himmeroeder

    They dog seems to be enjoying the swing…so its not cruelty. It might want to go back to the park and want to do it again. The swing needs to be oiled!!

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