Dog Dragged by a Car Survives and Now Helps Others

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(Warning: story may be a bit shocking)

Meet Roadie.

Roadie is a beagle born in 2003 from Kentucky.

At age of mere 1, Roadie was abused.


Roadie was tied to a car and dragged.

Roadie was literally “eaten” up by the pavement. Roadie lost an eye and lost of a big chunk of his skin:

Luckily he survived the abuse, and is now helping others who went through similar kind of a traumatic experience.

In fact, he is so loved now that he represents “hope” to much of the patients around him in the hospital where he was adopted.

Happy ending to a tragic story, like deaf dog Sparky‘s story..

This is where most of the media and other blogs ended Roadie’s story, but since we here at PawshPal are dog fanatics, we want to raise an overlooked issue here.

Dennis Wayne Fitzpatrick, the previous asshole person who owned Roadie was charged and found guilty of animal cruelty.

So did he get jail time for his heinous crime?

Nope. Just a fine.

If you jaywalk, you get a fine.

So if you commit a harsher crime, say tie a LIVING dog to a moving car and drag it a couple of hundred feet, shouldn’t your punishment be much more harsh?

Come on folks, are we overreacting here or does the crime fit the punishment?

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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  • Alice

    Just tie a rope around his chest. Don’t tell him the other end is tied to a car. Surprise justice is served.

  • Doesnt matter

    Dennis Wayne Fitzpatrick should be dragged behind a truck on the bleepin gravel road, then the hwy then the mudd and if he is still breathing, he should be tarred and feathered the asshole! Carma will bite him in the ass, he will get his!

  • Hope

    People who abuse animals should have the EXACT same thing done to them that they do to the animal. Then add prison time! People who harm defenseless animals are despicable and will move on to worse crimes.

  • christina

    i want to drag this asstard behind my car

  • Lydia Buitenwerf

    Anyone who does this to any animal should never be able to own any animal again a fine is not harsh enough he should have to have a harsher punshment then a fine he will just turn around and more than likely do it again.

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