Dog Etiquette

Recently at an airport (im)patiently waiting for a flight cross country, I noticed a huge St. Bernard retriever the size of a small elephant totally passed out on the dingy airport floor with its salivating tongue sticking out as if it just ran a 20 mile marathon. From the looks of it salt and pepper fur, I can tell this dog is a bit on the older side.

I’ve never seen a dog (that big) on the actual airport floor. Now, I was a bit stunned because this dog easily weighed 130-150 lbs. But what was more shocking was that the no airport personnel seemed to pay any attention to it.

This mini-elephant dog just laying there was causing quite a stir, especially people walking along the aisle wondering what the heck it was. From far, it looked like a giant mop happened to just lay there.

When people were passing it, they would stop and stare, causing quite a traffic in the midst of the rush hour when people were scrambling to get to their flight. Now, I’m no mr.proper-etiquette myself but I felt at the moment, the personnel should at least intervene and tell the dog owner to move to the corner or have the dog site up at least.

And the dog’s owner in the middle of this craziness? Nothing. This older gentleman, whose gray hair matched that of the dog, with his legs crossed while reading his newspaper did not seem to mind that his dog was causing a commotion.

Now, this made me think about dog parks during those times when one dog (or a pack of dogs) would clearly single out and bully one dog. These bullies would annoy that one poor dog to a point that I can tell the dog’s in great stress: either salivating in fear, screaming in high pitch, running for it’s life, etc. But the bullies’ owners would do nothing as if this were a natural order of things. “Being playful” as some would call it. Right.


Of course, the two incidents, one at the airport and one I have just described, are not the same, but I feel they both show clear lack of accountability and social etiquette on the dog owners.

Is this a case of violation of “your fist ends where my nose begins” or am I just crazy? What do you think?

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