Dog Hiking at Mission Peak

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img_5760I am so proud of my Gremlin (Lucky) today. My bf and I decided to take Cocoa and Lucky hiking at Mission Peak. Cocoa’s hiked all the way to the top before, but Lucky…I never would’ve imagined that he’d make it. In my mind I kept thinking that we’d have to turn around halfway up, but he completely proved me wrong! Yes, he was slow and he panted quite a bit, but he never stopped except to do his usual sniffing business. And when we were running down, Lucky was even faster than me. SO FREAKIN’ CUTE! I can’t help but smile when I look at his stiff limbs and his couped tail with his scruffy face. He’s my 12 yr-old miniature Husky (Chihuahua Mutt). I love you, Lucky!

On a side note, for Cocoa, hiking up is like a walk in the park for him. He doesn’t pant. He’s always ahead. AND he’s always curious…pulling left and right trying to chase the little rodents. =)

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