Dog in Japan Rescued at Sea after Tsunami

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Remember how search & rescue dogs were sent to Japan to look for survivors?

Well, it seems that people are thanking the dogs for THEIR help, by helping search for dogs who were lost during the last week’s biggest earthquake in history of mankind.

The coast guards found a dog on top of a roof of a house that washed away to the sea.

How long did he survive for?


Dogs sure are resilient little guys. Not to mention very loyal in times of trouble.

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  • sondra

    I agree with Denise about how destructive man is and it’s simply for greed! We as humans have polluted this great planet and it is on a slow road to annihilation! If only animals could speak..what would their opinion of man be? Great rescue story. I am happy for the dog! : D


    Shows you how more humane these animals are . More so than humans . Man is proving themselves even more on how distructive they are with greed to survive. Along with this destructive nature look what they have done to all of God’s creatures , the innocents.Shame on mankind.


    What’s really sad about these poor animals being rescued , is the question how long are they going to survive being exposed to all the radiation . The animals can’t even be shipped anywhere else to survive due to contaminating the areas they are sent to with radiation.

  • Roberta Fehr

    Animals can withstand so much that comes their way. As humans we consider ourselves on the top of the food chain and the most intelligent. But do you think any human could have held out for 3 weeks on top of a house? I think not but here is this loyal and dedicated dog stayed with his home for whatever reason. This is truly an amazing story that comes out of a horrible tragedy.

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